Safety Platforms


The ProTect safety protections of Euroscaffold guarantee the highest level of safety on flat and slightly sloping roofs. By the permanent nature of handrail works you create the most secure roof environment.

Euroscaffold has developed several ProTect systems in the field of roof safety:

Furthermore, depending on the need for aesthetic appearance of the building, it can be chosen for a fixed arrangement or a collapsible arrangement.

For every situation, there may be another need, which is why Euroscaffold has applied this distinctive character to the various designs.

In the permanent fixed setups we also distinguish 2 systems. ProTect esthetics and ProTect Basic.

You see: Euroscaffold provides permanent fall protection for almost all situations and buildings. Enquire about the possibilities without obligation.

Naturally, all ProTect systems are inspected annually by an independent body and fully comply with:

NEN EN 13374

NEN EN 14122-3

ARBO Policy Rule 3.16

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