Euroscaffold is constantly working on improving safety at height. Cage ladders, access and escape routes in and on buildings are also an important part of this. The cage ladder can be delivered in many versions, also the color of the cage ladder can be chosen and is executed if desired in a impact-resistant powder coating.

Euroscaffold’s cage ladders and access techniques are fully prepared for ease of use and safety. Euroscaffold Designs cage Ladders and custom access/escape routes for all possible situations.

Cage ladders consist of aluminum profiles and are carried out with non-slip finish steps. The modular system makes it possible to use our cage ladders for many situations. The cage ladders can be assembled and extended with intermediate board.

Flight stairs
Our product range includes cage ladders, spiral staircases, platforms/balconies and ladders for use as emergency exits. In many cases, the so-called Cage ladders are applied to the flight ladder.

Application examples are:
Escape ladder, fire ladder, inspection ladder for maintenance and cleaning work, chimney ladder, façade ladder, roof lift, mounted on silos and shafts, on work platforms and board Essen etc.

Of course, the safety of each flight ladder is given the utmost care and each flight ladder and flight staircase of Euroscaffold meets the requirements according to EN 14122-4 and NEN 2484.

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