Scaffolding Trailers

You are now ready to go! With the hot Dip Galvanized Steigertransporter® You have an efficient storage space for your mobile scaffolding and you can mount the trailer directly to your car in order to transport scaffoldings.

The scaffolding trailer saves time and reduces the chance of damage to your mobile scaffolding. The mobile scaffolding + trailer does not weigh more than 750kg, so with only your B class driving license. No more headaches about transporting your scaffolding with a special truck. You can purchase the scaffolding trailer in different sizes. You can also choose to purchase an empty scaffolding trailer if you already own scaffolding equipment. Ask us about the possibilities.

Secure the Road

Since 29 October 2012 it is compulsory to provide a COC certificate for your trailer. The COC certificate (Certificate Of Conformity) is supplied with the trailers. This document is compulsory when the trailer is in use. A so-called EC Certificate of Conformity is provided to you when you purchase a trailer from us. If you take your scaffolding trailer to a public road, you must be in possession of your COC certificate (the papers). The fine for not having this is for all trailers €15.00. From next year onwards, the fine will be €25.00 for all trailers and chassis.