Two-piece Ladders

Our two-piece ladders are ideal for construction, painting and other maintenance work. Working safely at height on a stable ladder is ultimately what it’s all about. Our double ladders consist of two parts that are extendable. This ensures that the transport length is a lot smaller than the actual extended length resulting in easier transport.

Reformed ladder for the professionals

When you think of safety at an affordable price, you think of our Maxall two-piece ladder. Because the ladder is ergonomically finished in combination with the 40 mm wide steps you can have peace of mind. Yet another plus of this climbing ladder is the distance of the steps, namely 25 centimeters. This creates extra room for your feet.

Different Sizes

Our Maxall two-piece ladders are available in various sizes. Depending on the height you have to reach, your choice is decisive. Favorites among our customers are the 2×10, 2×12 and 2×14 ladders. Standard fasade rollers have been attached from the 2×12 version. Sizes range is from 3.55 to 9.30 meters. Below are the available versions.

What is a two-part reformed ladder

You will often encounter the term reformed ladder. A question that we often get is: what is this really? A two-part reformed ladder is a ladder that consists of double sliding parts. These parts can be extended upwards to achieve maximum length. However, the two parts can also be pulled apart, this creates a ladder. Ideal if, for example, you need to use your two-piece as free standing ladder. A spreading stand for safety is not necessary with our Maxall double ladders, because a unique spreading mechanism is used. The 2×16 and 2×18 version can not be used for reform  due to laws and regulations.

Buy two-piece ladders

The Maxall double ladders can be purchased through us. If you shall have any questions regarding this or any other of our products please feel free to contact our specialists.