Three-piece Ladders

The three-part ladders are used by both individuals and professionals. This makes the ladder suitable for various activities. The versatile ladder not only can be used as a storage ladder, but is also suitable for free-standing use. The three extendable parts allow you to configure the height as needed. This also means that the ladder is suitable for transport.

Different designs

Our three-piece ladders are available in different sizes and designs. For example, when you choose the galvanized version, you choose to work with clean hands and usually a longer life span of the ladder. This is due to the coated protective layer that is dirt resistant. The following versions are available.

What is a reform ladder

Each ladder has both its positive and negative characteristics. However, the three-part ladders of Maxall has few negatives to spare. They are not only space-saving, but also the price/quality ratio is excellent. Due to the three sliding parts, the smallest ladder can be retracted to 2 meters in length, but has a final working height of 5.50 meters. So, this is perfect when you have little space in your workshop, or in your transport vehicle. You can use the ladders on the façade as well as in reform stand (detached). Reform is therefore also for free-standing use, as a stair ladder. Mind you; The 3×14 version can only be used as a storage ladder. This is related to safety rules.

Buy three-piece ladder

Buying a three-pice ladder is fast, easy and safe through us. Is the triple implementation to much for you? Then you can also take a look at our two-piece versions, or telescopic folding ladders.