Telescopic folding Ladders

The Telescopic folding ladders, called the BigOne series now conquer the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. With these ladders you can quickly basically replace all other types of ladders. Because this product can be used for multiple purposes, it is very popular with our customers. With the purchase of this folding ladder you are assured of the latest techniques and safety. Just think of the hinges that automatically secure when you put the ladder in position.

Certificates for Professional use

Once you are going to use a telescopic folding ladder professionally, it must be certified according to the EN131. This is the European standard for definitions, dimensions and dimensional forms. The telescopic folding ladder BigOne more than meets these standards! By using the telescopic folding ladders in 33 positions and 5 basic modes, we can describe them as multifunctional.

How does a telescopic folding ladder work?

The BigOne can be easily and quickly set up in the working position as needed at the time. This is partly due to the user-friendly self-locking pushbutton. This button allows you to fasten the telescopic folding ladders in position as if they were straight ladders, or on uneven surfaces (such as stairs). Do you need to work a little higher? Then the legs are easily adjustable.

Which telescopic folding ladder size is best for you

Our folding ladders are available in various sizes. The smallest model has a transport length of only 1.00 meter and fits in almost every vehicle used for transport. A favorite size among our customers, and therefore the most sold, is the 4×4 version. The following models are available:

Stability and security

Thanks to the anti-slip legs of the folding ladder you will always be safe and stable. Due to the galvanaizing, a protective layer is also present on the ladder. This protects the BigOne from dust, or weather influences. It also prevents you from getting dirty hands while working.

Buy Telescopic folding Ladders

Are you looking for the most multifunctional telescopic ladder of the best quality? Then quickly get acquainted with our BigOne ladders. Do you need more information? Please contact us.