Single Ladders

A job at height, for example around your home or during professional work, is a lot safer with the use of a ladder. A good solution are the single ladders of Maxall that you will find in our assortment. There are many different lengths of ladders, but the name actually already informs you about the size. A single ladder consists of 1 part, with a fixed transport length. The big advantage of these ladders is that they are lightweight and therefore easy to lift. A disadvantage to the fixed length is that they are not retractable, which makes them less compact.

Top Ladder for professional use

Our ladders are a great price-quality ratio. Technically suitable for any professional who wants to work safely. Manufactured from quality aluminium in combination with ergonomic finishes the ladder will ensure that you feel safe when standing on this ladder. The 4-centimeter wide steps and anti-slip surface will convince you that this product is suitable for every job.

Different designs

In our range of Maxall single ladders you will find different sizes, from 1.75 meters to 7.25 meters length. So you can decide for yourself which height you require. The different models can be selected:

Spout Single Ladder

A single version can have two different types of spout, namely a wide and straight spout. The spout is the bottom part of the ladder. A wider spout provides extra stability and is easy to use in the locations where the ground is not flat. Our straight ladders can be combined with a laddermat, or a stability bar to create extra stability.


Various accessories are available for our ladders. For example, a laddermat, or Ladderafhouder. If you want to prevent theft of your climbing material, check out our ladder clamp.

Buy a single ladder

The Maxall single ladder is very popular with our customers because of the price-quality ratio. We can advise and help you further, should you have any questions which type best suits you.