Double-sided ladders

Our double-sided ladders are suitable for intensive use. This Dutch product therefore has the necessary professional certification to be used by the real professional. The stairs are made of strong aluminium and are also finished in the right way. The combination of quality and composition, both welded and gefelst, ensure that you can always rely on these ladders.

Top Ladder for professional use

The double-sided ladders stand for professional quality. This is partly due to the extra wide steps of 100 mm and the anti-skid stair caps. Because the double-sided ladder has a unique folding mechanism, you will never suffer from pinched fingers, or a difficult folding staircase. Another big plus of this double version is that the ladders are galvanized. This coating means that you will not get your hands dirty while working on your ladder. The coating also provides a dirt-resistant layer, which makes the ladder last longer.


Different heights of the ladders are avalible. The smallest double staircase has a storage length of 0.60 meters, while the largest has a storage length of 3.30 meters. The Eurostairs STXD is available in the following models:

Why double Stairs

Customers often dabate between a single-sided ladder, or a double-sided ladder. What is the difference now, or which is best? Both ladders are of the best possible quality, only the double-sided ladder is easier to transport because the handrail is detachable. This combined with the advantage of working on both sides,often makes our customers choose the double version.

With or without bracket

By default, the ladders are delivered without a bracket, because in practice it appears that our customers often prefer not to have a bracket attached. If the products are for professional use, the legislator indicates that brackets are compulsory from 2 × 2 steps. For an additional fee, the brackets can always be supplied and also easily attached by means of screws.

Instructional Video

Buy Double Stairs

Are you looking for a ladder that can provide workspace on both sides? Take a quick look at our double-sided ladder. Suitable for professional use and available for the best price-quality ratio. We can provide further information.