One-sided ladder

The professional one-sided ladder is lightweight, made of strong materials and galvanized. This way everyone can work in a pleasant way and bring the job to a good end. Our ladders are also loved by a large audience. From the carpenter and painter to the conscious D.I.Y.’er. The dirt-repellent galvanizing not only prevents the use of dirty hands, but also guarantees a longer life of the stairs. The galvanizing repels dirt and other elements, which allows you to enjoy your purchase for years.

Top Ladder for professional use

The ladders are equipped with a hinge system that will not hurt your fingers. Apart from the ease of use and the strength, the ladder is certified, so you are safe.


All our ladders are made of quality aluminum. Because every job is at a different height, we also have various sizes that are suitable for every job. Our smallest ladder has a storage length of 1.50 meters, while the largest has a storage length of 3.87 meters.

Safety and stability

All steps have an anti-slip finish that minimizes the risk of slipping. Because each step is of a large surface, extra safety is guaranteed. Our stairs are available with steps on one or both sides. Our stairs are both available in single and double staircases. The single staircase has a fixed bracket that is not to be taken off, this takes up a little more space during transport.

Instructional Video

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The Euroscaffold group has climbed into a leading brand in the ladders, stairs and scaffolding world in recent years. Our ladders are already actively used in various segments. Would you like to buy a Eurostairs ladder? In order to do this we would like to help you buy a good and decent staircase or contact us directly.