The Euroscaffold mobile scaffolding is manufactured in the Netherlands and has grown into a concept in the scaffolding industry through its years of development. Our scaffoldings are not only to be found within the Netherlands, but throughout the world. You can also find us in countries such as Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and even the United Arab Emirates. With more than ten years of experience, we dare to say that we deliver the highest quality possible, with safety above all!

Are you a professional, or D.I.Y.’er? That does not matter to us, because we have diversity in our assortment that fits every job. For example, our scaffoldings are used by painters, bricklayers and carpenters, but also by active private users.


There is a choice of the scaffolding frame that is held together by diagonal braces that easily lock in place. Nowadays everyone wants to be faster and time is costly. Therefore, with our special Euroframe the setting up of the scaffolding can be done quickly. Because of the unique connection pins in our braces the setup is much more time efficient. Whichever type of our scaffoldings you choose it shall be safe, stable and strong

Working Height

The term working height is an important concept when purchasing a rolling scaffold. This is the height at which work can be done. In practice, we always assume the calculation: platform Height + 2.00 meter = working height.

Our scaffolds are built up to a maximum working height of 14 meters and are endless to combine with other scaffolding parts. In practice, it turns out that working with a Dodge console, or walkway, can be very easy for the hard-to-reach spots.

Wide, or narrow mobile scaffolding

A scaffolding can be used both indoors and outdoors, hence you sometimes have to take into account the available surface space. Are you going to work indoors, or in a narrow alley? Then a platform width of 0.90, or 0.75 is appropriate for you. With a wide mobile scaffolding of 1.35, you create an extra-large work surface where you can be stable and safe at work.

Rolling Scaffold Platform: length + material

The scaffolding platforms are available in the length sizes of 1.90, 2.50, 3.05 and 4.05 meters. Not only the length of the platform is important, but also the weight. We offer both lightweight and wooden floors, both of which are taxable up to 200 kilograms. A unique element in our floors is the safety guard that is integrated into the hook.