Indoor Scaffolding

The Euroscaffold indoor scaffolding is a highly desirable product for both outdoor and indoor tasks. The sizes of this product are composed in such a way that they fit practically through every doorway, or other small space. The lower part consists of a folding section, which is why a indoor scaffolding is also called a foltable scaffolding. Our products are manufactured from high-quality aluminium and comply with applicable laws and regulations. Both professionals and individuals can use the scaffoldings.

Indoor Scaffolding Dimensions

By default, our indoor scaffolding gives a working height of 3.00 meters, the platform is at 1.00 meter. Do you want to build one with loose parts? Then this is possible up to a working height of 7.50 meters. If you are going to expand to such heights, please contact a dealer of Euroscaffold. Our dealers can tell you which parts you need to safely use a foldable scaffolding.

Dimensions: 1.90 x 0.75 x 1.94 meter (incl. wheels)

Indoor Scaffolding: Do-it-yourself professionally

Our Euroscaffold indoor scaffolding is suitable for both individuals and professionals. Our professional users often choose the indoor scaffolding in the 3 meters working height, with the possibility to build them up to 4, 5, 6, or even 7 meters.

The real D.I.Y.’ers often let their eye fall on the EVO indoor scaffolding. This type of model is ideal for private use in terms of price-quality ratio. The EVO does not build up to a different working height and is about thirty centimeters shorter than the standard indoor scaffolding.

Need more work surface?

Once you have to get some indoors work done, it is sometimes a necessity to have extra work surface available. Our wide room scaffoldings are 1.35 wide and equipped with two wooden floors. This not only creates more workspace, but you also need to move your scaffolding less often.

Loose parts

Expanding, or replacing parts is always possible and goes along smoothly. This also makes these models compact to carry. A room scaffolding at 3 meters working height can consist of only a few parts.

Collapsible Indoor Scaffoldings

Indoor Scaffoldings in parts

Indoor scaffoldings or mobile scaffoldings?

Are you in doubt whether you want to buy a foldable or a mobile scaffolding? We advise you to look at the following aspects: What do you need the scaffolding for? At what altitude would you like to work and is the scaffolding only for indoor use, or also for outdoor use?

Buy Euroscaffold Indoor Scaffolding

Are you looking for a Euroscaffold scaffolding, or would you like to obtain further information? We are at your disposal and can advise you on the type, height and model that suits you best.