Roof-Chimney Scaffoldings

Are you going to work on the edge of your roof, or perhaps in need to do some work on the chimney? Take a quick look at our roof scaffolding, also called Chimney scaffolding. These scaffoldings solve the problem with stability while working on a sloping roof. After working for the first time with will quickly see the convenience and benefits of the roof scaffolding. The construction is simple and easy to place on roofs with a slope of 30 to 60 degrees. You can choose which length the chimney scaffolding should be. There is a choice of lengths: 1.90, 2.50 and 3.05 meters.

Roof Scaffolding Parts

We advise you to purchase a chimney scaffolding set in its entirety, so that you comply with the prescribed safety regulations. When ordering, please take into account the length that the scaffolding must be. The more work surface you want to create the longer the platform length should be. A complete set consists of the following parts:

Double Chimney Scaffolding

A chimney scaffolding can be placed on both sides of the chimney, but you can also decide to use such a scaffolding on 1 side. An advantage of the double execution is that you can work around directly without the need to reposition.

Buy the roof scaffolding

This scaffolding is a very good work platform when you want to work safely on the roof. You may have questions about the parts, or the construction of this model. You can then contact us without obligation. Buying a roof scaffolding has never been so easy!