Facade scaffolding

Available in hot-dip galvanized steel or aluminum. 109 cm or 73 cm wide. Fully approved scaffolding system in accordance with German certificates Z-8.1-190, Z-8.1-849 and Z-8.1-886. The scaffolding can be assembled quickly and safely with a small number of components. The components can be assembled quickly without the use of tools by means of striking pins. Additional components complete the product range and guarantee the most productive and economical solution for every scaffolding project. All steel parts are hot-dipped galvanized and designed for long-term use.

This catalogue provides an overview of all main and additional parts for the following systems: Assco quadro, 73 cm wide, hot-dip galvanized steel, up to loading class 3 according to EN 12811-1 (03/04), 2 kN/m… Assco quadro, 73 cm wide, aluminium, up to loading class 3 according to EN 12811-1 (03/04), 2 kN/m… With approved basic lengths of 1.57 m, 2.07 m, 2.57 m and 3.07 m. Assco quadro, 109 cm wide, hot-dipped galvanized steel, from loading class 4 to 6 according to EN 12811-1 (03/04), 3 kN/m. to 6 kN/m. (depending on base lengths and floors). The assco quadro facade scaffolding systems are approved by the “German Institute for Building Techniques” in Berlin under the following certificates: – Z-8.1-190 assco quadro 70 steel – Z-8.1-849 assco quadro 100 steel – Z-8.1-886 assco quadro 70 aluminium Approved calculations are available for different heights or special constructions

Scaffolding components must always be checked for good condition before use.