Window Scaffolding

With the Euroscaffold Dormer scaffolding, it has never been easier to work on a Window. This is one of the most hard to reach spots when you want to do maintenance. Such scaffoldings are also called Dodge consoles or exit scaffoldings and are a perfect  accessory to your current mobile scaffolding. The Euroscaffold Dodge Console is made of high-quality aluminium and is suitable for both private and professional use.

Dodge Console: A dormer Scaffolding reaches every space

In practice, we often see that strange antics are extracted from the hard-to-reach spaces. One goes outside the scaffolding to work while trying to climb the dormer. All this creates dangerous situations that you can easily avoid with a dodge console. These scaffolding allows you to safly work on the dormer as if it was a part next to part of your existing mobile scaffolding, creating extra work surface. It does not matter at what height you are at work, of course it takes into account the stability and security. Painting, or refurbishing has never been easier!

Dodge Console: Building a dormer scaffolding

The Euroscaffold Dodge console is easy to attach to your current mobile scaffolding. With the supplied console set, you have all the parts to make your rolling scaffolding even better. Before you enter the scaffolding, assemble a few things. Our Dormer scaffolding is universal, so you can decide for yourself whether you want to create a wide (1.35 meter) or narrow exit scaffolding (0.75 meters). You now pair the T-piece, which rests on the roof, on the adjustable console. Then climb the rolling scaffold and fasten the Dodge console with the couplings. Finally, setup the platform, the horizontal rails, handrail frames and locking clips. Built In five minutes, so easy! Note: The T-piece should always rest on the roof.

Dormer Scaffolding Parts

Our ward consoles are telescopic, which means that you can decide for yourself how wide the construction should be (1.35 or 0.75 meters). When you choose the wide version, you will need two platforms, with the narrow version 1 platform. The following parts are always included with a complete set.

Buy Dormer Scaffolding

A dormer scaffolding can be purchased through us. We can help you further and advise what is best for you. Our products are of professional quality and are interchangeable with various brands.