Aluminium Scaffolding

Euroscaffold Nederland’s is a manufacturer and supplier of professional aluminum scaffolding, mobile scaffolding, indoors scaffolding, Scaffolding transport’s and equipment for working at heights.

NowAll is the official distribiutor of the aluminium scaffolding in central Europe.

Transport Trailers

Scaffolding Pasage

Cage Ladders


Scaffold Transport

Eaves security

Cage Ladders


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Inspection and Repair

Euroscaffold has specialists who can inspect your equipment in accordance with all of the applicable standards and possibly repair them. This can happen at at our factory or at your location, whichever option suits you best. Larger repairs can take place in our own factory, Euroscaffold is able to keep your equipment ready for business.

After the inspection you will receive a test report with results. All approved equipment is clearly marked and repaired upon customer’s request.

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Euroscaffold delivers roller scaffolding in two versions

The Euro rolling scaffold with conical connection pin. And the standard roller scaffold in dull aluminium version with straight connection pen.

Folding scaffold or rolling scaffold from loose elements

At the Room jetty You can choose from a folding jetty or a jetty that consists of separate elements. Here you also have the choice between the conical or straight connection pen.

Euroscaffold delivers roller scaffolding in two versions

Working safely at height? Rely on over 100 years of knowledge and experience. Euroscaffold Nederland is a manufacturer and supplier.